PodCastable! Actionable Audio Audition Tips for Actors Obsessed with Acting!

PodCastable! Actionable Audio Audition Tips for Actors Obsessed with Acting!

Hosted by: Kirsten Clarkson (KC) with Donna-Marie Manning

Actionable Audio Audition Tips for actors who are addicted to acting!

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What do you want? Desire?

Episode #12

Actors need to ask the question What do I want? This question motivates your character and it determines how you’ll go after what you want.    Sometimes actors will ask what to do I need? That’s NOT the right...
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What talent agent Brenda Wong wants you to know!

Episode #13

Talent Agent, Brenda Wong gives up the secrets to a great relationship with your agent and... a great career in acting! If you're acting and you're not getting the results you want take our free class and get a behind...
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The Secrets Behind Booking Hallmark!

Episode #14

Learn these incredible secrets to bringing your own magic to a Hallmark Audition! Want more? The Ultimate Cast-able Hallmark Character Starter Kit  is enrolling right now and it's filling up fast!  Next Session Runs...
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Mini Movie Magic Moment: The Actor's Choices! July 29th 2022

Episode #15

The best acting choices actors can make! In this Mini Movie Magic Moment I'll tells you about my favourite acting coach - the late Uta Hagen and the choices you must make as an actor! 0:00 Did you know that casting...
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Episode #16

GO SMALL FOR BIG SUCCESS IN ACTING   The Audition Master Class starts September 8th! Is it time to start booking! Find out more here!   0:00   Focusing in on something small and getting very good at it is a component...
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