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Your dream is my mission and I take pride in my work. That's why I give you a lot more than just classes! 


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Actionable Audition Audition Tips for Actors Obsessed with Acting!

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Challenge yourself! Read full scripts curated to get actors to the next level!

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Kind words from clients. 

Calum Worthy, Austin & Ally, The Act, Pieces of Her, Award-winning actor

"Working with KC is incredible. She can take you anywhere."


Madeleine Arthur, TATBILB, Big Eyes,  Award-winning actor

"Everything you've taught me, KC, has helped me more than you'll ever know!"

Avan Jogia, Victorous, Tut, Zombieland. Award-winning actor

"It was really fun to learn what it takes to be a trained actor."


Brent Hodge, Award-wining Director, SNL Documentary

"What you have in KC is a mentor who will take you where you want to go. KC is the most connected person I know"


Alexandra Lee Personal Dresser to the stars, actor

"I recommend you to everyone.

The smart ones listen!"



Daphne Hoskins Award-winning actor, The Babysitter's Club, Hallmark 

"You don't teach her. You GUIDE her. And that makes her more thoughtful and aware. Not only in acting but in life."


Actors often ask where they can see my clients. 

Everywhere! The video below barely scratches the surface of the incredible work my clients have done. They work at a very high level. They defy incredible odds. They do dedicated work. They are leads or supporting roles in many of these projects. I am proud of them. 


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What can you expect from Screen Acting School?

My clients say I'm magic but, as cool as it would be to be Hermione... I'm a muggle. I've designed classes that tap into and bring out the magic in YOU. After all, you're the ones who do the work. I'm a little off the beaten path and I see things differently than most coaches (I respect my peers... I'm just different). The classes here are based on the culture, tone, and story of the work as well as the traditional practices that acting instruction is rooted in. 

Professional Classes

You'll learn what it takes to be a professional actor with step-by-step instruction. 



Innovative Coaching

We have a unique approach that results in incredibly high success rates.



I'm your biggest fan!

Casting Directors, Agents & Actors say they can feel the care and support I put into  classes. They appreciate the results!


Are you failing to deliver great work? THE CREATIVITY SESSIONS Learn the skills!


From Once upon a time, to happily ever after... As written by you.

This year-long course is intensive personal work using scene study techniques to craft courage, commitment and star quality. 



These classes are for actors with big hearts, big brains, big dreams & the courage to take risks.


If this is your hobby we don't have classes for you but we're so happy you've found joy from acting. 

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