Hey, I'm KC, your coach! I'm proud to be part of a long tradition of bringing magic to the screen. I have made a living for more than 20 years as a coach to award-winning artists who care about the work they do and the world they live in. I designed these online acting courses for intelligent, thoughtful, talented actors who appreciate the beautiful tradition of acting for the screen and are bringing their own magic to the profession as it is now.


I love the magic of it.

People fall in love with the magic of acting the same way we all fall in love with movies.

Most people think acting is looking hot and memorizing lines.
It's not. Well, not if you're any good...
Acting is about understanding human behaviour, having empathy and raw emotional power. And sneakily hiding the work and being totally hot and memorizing lines.

Previous to covid I worked exclusively with 10 or fewer award-winning actors of note. I'm a total talent whore and only worked with thoughtful, smart irreverent artists who really give a shit about the work.

When the pandemic started I created a free class and fell in love with the connection I felt to a community of actors who really wanted to work and help love and support each other. That shit can't be beat!

They say I'm magic.

I steal my magic from them.

Then I use it to help them live their dreams.


I've worked as a producer, director, talent agent, and coach.
I bring my unique and in-depth understanding of the industry to benefit my clients. I do this from my dream home - a little ramshackle cottage in a little forest in the middle of nowhere where my family and I farm. That's my dream. To live in a cottage on a farm and coach my glamorous clients living their dreams. Let me tell you there is NOTHING better than living the life you want to live. I'd like to help you do it. That's the real magic.

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