Hey We're KC & Donna your team on screen. 


KC's the founder of Screen Acting School, and your online Mindset & Acting Coach. Donna's the Director of Operations and your Accountability Coach. We've got your back. 


I started out as a back up singer in my dad's Christian pop band because he couldn't afford a babysitter. I COULD NOT SING but I liked the magic of connection with the audience. Since I COULD NOT SING I thought acting might be my thing.

When I was in acting school I wasn't booking ANY roles but every one of my friends that I coached booked. Hmmm. 

When started coaching my clients got agents FAST - agent Brenda Wong came in to my class, took 7 of 8 students and they booked! The only reason she didn't take the 8th is he had an agent.  That 8th student, Terry Chen,  booked the Oscar winning film, Almost Famous. It was unreal. 

The three things I do differently than any other coach I know is teach

  • Story
  • Mindset 
  • Culture of shows

I believe this is what got my students so much success and what attracts very successful actors to me.  

Helping actors live their dreams is an unbelievable feeling. I still cry EVERY time they have their first booking. I love laying the foundation for a long and incredible career. It gives meaning to my life. I live for it.

I know my students appreciate it. They say lovely things and refer other actors to me. Katherine Evans told me that a coaching not only prepares her but makes her day and Calum Worthy said "a great coach can change your life." It's true. I adore mentoring actors and my mission is to help you achieve the career and life you want. 

From the first coaching I did I knew this would be my life. I tried casting and being an agent but coaching pulled me back. I just loved it. 

Since those early days I've relied on the principles of story telling, culture and mindset in my training. That's why at one point 80% of my clients had booked. In an industry that has a 2% success rate this is... well, it's mind-blowing to me. But like I said, the process works and I attract actors who want to do the work. 

I am overwhelmed that I get to live the life I do. It's a beautiful thing to help people live their dreams by living my own as a coach. 

See you on screen!

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