Hey! We're KC & Donna-Marie!

We started working together in 2020 to help actors become more successful and powerful in their own lives. 


Our mission is share the tools you need to live the life of your dreams. Like we do.  

We haven't always had it all figured out (and we still don't). But we know how to create the life we want to live and we keep reinventing ourselves as our dreams change and grow. We want to help you do that same. It's a beautiful way to live your life and we are grateful to be able to share it with our clients. 



KC's an award-winning mindset and success coach for Actors and Creatives. She’s worked as an agent, a casting director and in production. The thing she loves most is coaching actors to success.


Her clients are leads in the number one shows on Netflix, Disney, Hulu, Hallmark and CW. 


Donna-Marie Manning began her career in the arts as an award-winning dancer. She is trained in Visualization by a renowned coach who works training police elite special forces. He just happens to be her father. She works with award winning actors to help them visualize and create high level success. 


Donna-Marie was recently featured in an interview with Maria Angelova


Take one small, smart, risky step towards your dream. 

We'll be here to guide you. We're not actors, we're coachies, 100% yoda. So none of that ego or insecurity or competition you find from actor slash coaches comes into play with us.  Our whole mission is to help you live your dream. 

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