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Live Classes...

Your working with me to master your skills. You'll learn what you need to know to make unforgettable and cast-able auditions. We'll cover everything you need to know to achieve your goals of becoming a PROFESSIONAL WORKING ACTOR. These classes are for the serious actor only.

The Creativity Sessions
The Audition Master Class

Self Directed Acting Classes...

These pre-recorded acting classes allow you to call action on when, where and how fast you move through class. You work on your acting career when it works for you!

Commercial Acting Class
Acting 101
The Business of Acting
Beginner Acting Bundle
HM Castable Character Class
CW Castable Character Class
30 Day Actors Challenge
Kids 30 Day Challenge
10 Day Acting Challenges

Free Mentorship...

We love actors and we're here to help. Join our Facebook group where we give a free acting class every Monday, or attend one of our free upcoming webinars. You can also listen to our podcast PodCASTable every Friday where I speak with special guest and give tips on how to be Castable.

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