The Ultimate Castable Audition Toolkits YOU Need To Create Successful Auditions

You're a good actor and you're no different from my clients who booked these shows. You just need the EDGE. This gives you the edge. 


You're Casting's Go-To Actor

You give never hear Casting say, "Great actor. Too bad she auditioned for the wrong show."

You're Confident

You know what Casting and Networks want. You give the performance that books you the role!

You're a Skilled Professional

You use these skills consistently for great auditions.  You're the one casting calls.

You're the actor Hallmark casts over and over again. 

When you know the hallmark of a great Hallmark Audition you'll be cast over and over.  My clients often play family members on the same Christmas movies! 

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Can you see yourself on CW? Imagine yourself in the Arrowverse or sitting in Pop's with my Riverdale clients!

Bring the brooding glamour of CW to your auditions and book them!

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You're working for Disney! You're working a lot! Disney owns Hulu, ABC, 20th Century...  Nick & Disney do the same kind of shows.

You can bring your humour and energy to the work! You can be the one who books Disney/Nick like my clients who play leads on these shows. 


Is this your dream?

Take the steps that. make it real. Learning to audition with what casting, production and network executives are looking for is your edge. Add your own magic... and you're unstoppable.