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EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SO MEMORABLE. Everything you've taught me, KC, has helped me way more than you can imagine. 

Madeleine Arthur

Devil In Ohio, TATBILB 1,2,3, Blockbuster


THIS is the kind of testimonial that makes a coach cry happy tears.  

Thank you, Carrie Hoskins. Thank you, Daphne for your incredible work. 


These are our favourite moments as a coaches!

Ernesto started to act because his daughter, Sigrid was acting. After he retired he booked his first gig!

Ernesto and Sigrid's joy is contagious! This is why we coach. 

xo, KC & Donna-Marie

There's no sound on this but... their faces say it all! 


It’s unbelievable how much people’s life can change when they’re guided by the right soul.

I went from not booking anything for a year and half to book 2 commercials and a TV series just within 1 month from joining your group!
I cannot thank you enough KC!!


Shooting another commercial today. My agent just messaged me I booked a role without even auditioning for it!


Wendy Tudor Jogia (Avan's mum)

I felt it important not to sugarcoat the industry and let him know what the expectation of him would be. I knew from friends how things worked on set and how important it was to come prepared and be professional. 


When he did get a job we realized how much effort is required to get any production big or small up and running. We also saw that everyone’s job becomes infinitely easier when everyone is working efficiently together with no one’s job being more important than anyone else’s. 


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Rachelle Gillis


Supernatural, Garage Sale Mysteries, Haters Back Off

“Don't know what I would do without my wonderful teacher, Kirsten!” 


Award-winning actor. Supernatural, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Nancy Drew.

"After working with KC, I can say that one of the most important things about her skills as an acting teacher is her incredible intuitive understanding of people, the world, and the performers she works with. A session with KC not only prepares me for a successful audition but also makes my day." 

Sandra Webster Worthy (Calum's mum)

"From the very beginning, I made sure he (Calum) clearly understood what it was going to take.  I didn’t even think about getting him an agent until he had had enough classes for him to really understand what the “job” looked like."  

"Once we had an agent, I imposed only one condition for us to move forward.  He had to continue to take classes.   I can’t emphasize the importance of this enough.  Young actors need to see the connection between their skill sets and their success as actors.   If you are letting it be about “natural talent” or “looks”, I truly believe you are setting your kids up for ultimate failure and future therapy.   You are making success be about something they actually have no control over, and what is even more damaging, you are saying that success is about what they look like."

I got a lovely note from Shanelle Connell thanking me for some advice I gave her about booking Hallmark.
I told her she didn't have the credits to book a Hallmark Lead but she looks like one.
I advised her to change her look to something sweet and girl next door so she could play a smaller role.
SHE BOOKED and she's been pinned several times.
Knowing the game helps you make the right choices.
In the Ultimate Cast-able Hallmark Character Starter Kit I teach you how to make those choices. So you can book too.
Learn more

Emily Schoen

Actor, The Flash, The Good Doctor, Yellowjackets

"Something that is wonderful about KC's Ultimate Castable Character Starter Kit is that she has her students work on scripts of shows that are currently filming. This is so important. I have had auditions for many of the shows that I had studied in KC's class and I even booked one of them!"


Sigrid Pareja

Actor, Yellowjackets, Hail Marie

"Oh, the work WORKS times infinity! When I acted back in my late teens/early 20s, I’d get a “you’re so great” but never quite book the role. I’ve always wondered what was the competitive edge others had on me?! THIS is the edge.

So friends, do the self-tape and do the work. I’m gonna do take 3 today but have to shower first so I can get CW glam."

Andrea Cihelka  


I find I am telling people about how I have "found my coach" because I think you are such an awesome human - in every way.

Glen Gordon

Award winning Actor, The Good Doctor, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Sacred Lies

I just wanted to pass this along to you as you are so good about complimenting your actors and I’m not sure we are so good about THANKING YOU!!! 

Sonia Chirila

Award-winning Actor, Pet Sematary, It Chapter Two

Just booked The Last of Us!

Kymo van Oers

Acto Exile, Bones of Crows, Meeting Mr. Christmas and Cloudstriker on the film Cloudstriker! He's #2 on the callsheet! 

KC, you are a true magical Coach. You brief coaching with me for the Lead got me 'Pinned'!! I'm soooo grateful for you attention to every detail, and professionalism!! Thank-you so much!

I got a part!!! A real role!!! Yayyyyyy!!!! I auditioned for a film a while back.

"My Agent just texted me they offered my the role!!! Yayyyy

I feel the The Creative Sessions really stepped up my confidence and game! Woot woot."

Shelly Williams

Natasha Bruce 

Published Author & Actor

“I sat with a lot of self doubt

"Since starting The Creativity Sessions I’ve definitely found success and the creativity sessions have helped to keep me grounded and focused. I've accomplished so many of goals through the Creativity Sessions this year, but here are just a few of my favourites...

Booked a lead in an independent Film, co authored a book and am now writing another one in a Canadian co-author project called Pursuit 365, Finished my demo reel before my dec deadline. Goal- check
I have multiple student films on my resume and i'm Consistently auditioning in network tv, film and commercials with a new amazing agent! 
I've taken the skills I’ve learned in the creativity sessions to other parts of my life to create the life I want!"

Melice Bell 


"Oh my gosh KC, you are a magician. Your Creativity Sessions are really working their magic on me... I just got news that I booked a supporting lead role!"



Carma Sacree 

Actor Carma booked 3 roles in one day! 

KC challenges me, empowers me, makes me question everything, helps me discover more depth, takes me way out of my comfort zone and has given me the tools and confidence I need to help sharpen this fabulous craft.  Sometimes I feel like she’s my acting coach and therapist. When she gives you a compliment take it because she doesn’t sugar coat anything that is not deserved.

Lily Sheets

I just wanted to tell you thank you so so much for everything you have done for me and for my family.   I love working with you and love learning from you. I watch your videos all the time that I have saved from your website and private coachings we did together. I am so thankful for you. Thank you for everything you have done.  We love you. 

Lily's posing for Stella McCartney Teens here. And she was featured in Teen Vogue. She walks the runway for NY, Paris and London Fashion week. FYI. She's been told many times by well meaning people a small town girl like her would not succeed. Glad she listened to me not them. 


Anyone who has any doubts about KC’s ability to kick someone's ass into gear or help them get the acting career they want. Throw it out.
I finally got out of my own way, did the work and in the span of 3 weeks, got an agent and got my first REAL AUDITION!
Even without professional headshots!
Stick with KC she’s good shit.
Savannah Disanjh

Dr. Yvette Lu, Family Physician & Actor

Kirsten is an inspiring, encouraging and kind teacher. I work as a family doctor and the skills that I study and practice...are essential to medicine as well.


Listening, empathy, compassion, memorization, analysis of written work, communication, observation, self-awareness, self-reflection, character analysis, and storytelling are a few of the skills that we practice... that are applicable to a broad range of careers.

Preparing for the right role helped her get the part. 

Specific preparation brings BIG BOOKING MAGIC! One day you wake up and you're booking the work you prepared for. Sometimes it's sooner than you think!

London Robertson

Actor, Firefly Lane, V For Vengeance, Soccer Mom Madam.


"I just wanted to tell you how much London enjoys your classes.  She really loves you as a coach/teacher.  She told me about Saturday’s class and I have to say, thank you for teaching them about teenage problems.  She is going to start auditioning for these roles soon, so I am glad she will have some understanding of what to expect.  I feel like she has really grown over the last year and I know your classes have contributed to that." Kelly Robertson



Brent Hodge (director/producer SNL)

KC will get you where you need to go. She’s one of the most connected people I know.

Hodge is pictured with my fave director, Spike Lee. It was a dream for me when Hodge told me he was working with him. 

Marc-Anthony Massiah

Just put one of the most pivotal scenes in the picture to bed today. I must say it was a dooooozy, and I must also honestly say I would not have been able to do what I did today without the training I received. If you haven't been taught here I can honestly say you are lacking some crucial stuff. When your director forgets to yell cut because you had him "chap fallen" I think that's a good thing!!! 

Adam Harrington

I have known Kirsten for as many years as I have been acting. She has that rare gift, that passion for the art and for truth, that makes her a superb coach and teacher.

Tanya Keller


I wanted thank you for all your kick ass guidance, mentorship AND for THE CREATIVITY SESSIONS!!! I cannot stress to all of you how much of an impact taking that class (2x) has had on my acting and life in general.
Since taking THE CREATIVITY SESSIONS I have: booked a Principal Role in a Feature Film with a Director who sold his last 2 pictures to LIONSGATE, been the LEAD in 2 SHORT films that have WON FILM FESTIVALS, been cast as #1 on the call sheet for an indie pilot, cast in numerous other projects (short films, web series, Podcast audio drama, student films) & been able to level up my game for the auditions I provide my PHENOMENAL AGENT Brenda Connell at BookIT Talent. What I’ve learned in the lessons has helped me be ready for my agent to submit for PRIME roles, frequency of auditions and EMOTIONAL CONNECTION.

Shastina Kumar


"I'm currently taking your emotional level class, and the CW starter kit.

Woohoo excited!

I'm in love with the way you teach.

Thanks for everything you've been doing for us."

Anete Blakena


Would like to thank you for taking the initiative and keeping the acting school going throughout the Covid period, it helped Anete to keep up and even though the timezone was not in our favour - we watched everything aa recorded, it was a great help!

Anete has been back on set now first time in 2020, which seems crazy and she did a commercial for a German network that was shot in Latvia.


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