Call action when YOU'RE ready!

Your self-directed acting classes put YOU in the driver's seat!

For over 20 years I've been independent spirits like Harrison Xu, Ryan Robbins, Alisha Newton and Julia Sarah Stone book lead roles. I've designed classes that will help you be the one on the poster but be in charge of when and how you learn.  

You call action on when, where, and how fast you move through class! 

You work on your acting career whenever it works for you! Best of all, the ACTION SHEETS (.pdf part of the lessons) are yours to keep forever! You can review the lessons as many times as you need to MASTER the foundation of your craft!

You get materials that you can download and keep practicing.

You'll get the work mastered!


You have a life! We get it. Classes don't always happen when it works for you. 

You're the director of your own learning!


The learning is self-directed, but you aren't alone. Join the facebook group. 

"Screeners" (actors here)  help you along the way!


Melice Bell has booked almost 100 commercials! Her highly effective class is great for actors of all ages. If you're making a switch to acting it's good to know that Melice wasn't always an actor. She used to be a pharmacist!

If she can go from a regular job to commercial star - you can!

Learn her simple well thought out techniques through her kind and thoughtful instruction!

Ready to start booking commercials?


You Get All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Acting Career

You get detailed instruction in the foundation elements of acting. This is what I've taught all my award-winning lead actors. You'll learn exactly what you need to start your acting career and leap forward. The techniques and practical elements of success are all here! You'll get:

  • Scene Study
  • Character Analysis
  • Setting up for self-tapes

You need a strong FOUNDATION for a  long career as an actor. If you're a new actor THIS IS WHERE TO START and build confidence in yourself as an actor. 


You Get All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Relationship With Your Agent, And Be Your Own Publicist

This is 3 Courses in 1, I've combined 3 of my top classes to make this


You'll get:

  • How to Motivate your Agent
  • How to be your own publicist
  • BONUS What Casting Directors Want!

This course covers everything you need to know to build a successful relationship with your agent so that YOU are the one they want to send out for auditions! It also covers what you should be looking for in an agent if you don't have one already.

You'll then use our step by step guide to start building press and do the vital work it takes to get known as an actor!

Having press for your work also makes you an alien of extraordinary talents which is really important if you want to work outside your market or in a different country!


Want Access To Them All?

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