Podcastable Launch! Actionable Audio Audition Tips!

Episode #1


Welcome to PODCASTABLE! Actionable Audio Audition Tips for Actors Obsessed with Acting! 

There's a mistake in this podcast.

I left it in because... I want you to be okay with mistakes. You will not get any better if you don't push yourself and when you push yourself... you make mistakes! If you find them mistake -- post in the comments. 

There's a prize in this podcast! Listen to the end to see who won! 

Deliberate practice gets you INCREDIBLE results. 

  • Basketball players do drills
  • Pianists do scales
  • Actors practic moments!

If you do the RIGHT kind of training that challenges you... you make great progress. If you just do scene study over and over - you'll be the same. 

If you challenge yourself to do small risky steps you get GREAT. 


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