Sorry you missed the May session of the Hallmark Class.

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Learn EXACTLY what the network is looking for


Get realtime coaching and invaluable feedback


Create incredible scenes for your reel


This year's class has 2 ways to learn!

Self Directed Learning

This option is perfect for the person who is a self starter and wants to go through the lessons on their own time. With this option you will receive all of the lessons listed below in a combination of videos and PDF actions sheets so that you can learn how to put together the perfect Hallmark audition, so that when it comes in you are more than ready! 

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Real Time Coaching

This option is perfect for the person who wants real feedback and coaching on their scenes! It's also a great way to get great scenes to add to your acting reel. With this option you will receive all of the same lessons as you do in the self directed class, but you will also get real time coaching from KC on your scenes! You will record your scenes and upload them to our private Facebook group where KC will critique you and help you tweak them until they are perfect!

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Imagine how it will feel when you create a perfect Hallmark Audition and you BOOK IT! 

Once you’re booked on a Hallmark Show you can be booked over and over again. Hallmark likes to use the same actors and booking a lot of Hallmark shows means less stress building your resume.   

You also get to proudly share the fact that people around the world are watching your work and loving it! Hallmarkies are passionate and dedicated fans - they even have their own podcasts!

Can you even imagine that? Now that’s “next level” dedication to the shows and the characters!

With these tips for booking a Hallmark series, you can escape the audition trap of trying to invent a new character every time and just give casting EXACTLY what they want. 

Getting Started with Your Hallmark Characters!

To help you kickstart your Hallmark journey, there are three important decisions you need to make. 

The good news? 

Once you have all the details (which I’m going to give you in this Booking Hallmark Starter Kit) they are pretty easy decisions to make! 

By the way... The value of what I'm coaching in this class would be over $2500 if I were to teach it live! 

Even though my clients are award-winning actors who work with Oscar-winners like 

  • Amy Adams
  • Ben Kingsley 
  • Patricia Arquette

they all started somewhere! 

When you live in a town that is home to Hallmark you get to learn your craft on Hallmark sets. I've coached a lot of Hallmark shows. 

My clients act in them. My peers cast or direct them. I have a lot of insight into the work and my experience has helped me create...



The Character Sketch


What HALLMARK CHARACTER are you best suited for? The big city success goes back to small-town roots or the best friend who stayed to run her family bakery?


What are you going to use this POWERFUL information?


What are you going to stop doing once you’re BOOKING ALL THE TIME (hint - being stressed out about auditions is part of it!


Let’s Break It On Down Like the BREAKDOWN!

LESSON #1: Your Hallmark Skills

LESSON #2: Your Hallmark Potential

LESSON #3: Your Hallmark Inspiration


The 6 Ways to Create Ultimate Castable Hallmark Character!

LESSON #1: No Judgment Hallmark Inspiration!

LESSON #2: The “JuJu” Question: a great way to assess your best Hallmark Character!

LESSON #3: The Hallmark Character Generator!

LESSON #4: When have you had a Hallmark experience?

LESSON #5: What characters have you already played that you could tweak to create a Hallmark Character.

LESSON #6: The Experts - a peek into the mind of your audience.


The Hallmark Masterpiece! 

Get it on tape for your agent to see!

Are you ready to do the work it takes to turn your dreams into reality?