Kirsten Clarkson (KC)

a snap of me coaching & that's my farm!

I often wonder what you want to know about me. Things I think are important may not be important to you. Here's what's important to me: I’m a mama. I’m building a life with a man I love on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I’m a feminist. I keep my friends for a long time. I love my work. That’s probably not what you want to know but what the hell… I typed it so there it is. What you probably want to know is how I can help you. I think that’s important too.​I share the value of my 25 years of experience as a coach with my clients. In addition to coaching, I’ve been an agent, casting director, writer, director, and producer. I share that experience too.​ When my son was small someone asked him what I do. He said, "my mama makes people cry." True. They make me cry too. It's indescribably beautiful to be a part of someone's dream coming true. To have done that so many times... words fail.