Kind words from award-winning actors and directors!

“Working with Kirsten is incredible. She can take you anywhere. ”

Award-winning Actor - The Act

Calum Worthy

“Everything you've taught me, KC has helped me more than you can ever imagine. ”

Award-winning Actor - TATBILB

Madeleine Arthur

“Thank you, master mentor for years of support and encouragement! Julia's Mom, Suzanne Chappel. ”

Award-winning Actor: The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom

Julia Sarah Stone

“It was fun learning what it takes to be an... actor!”

Award Winning Actor & Author

Avan Jogia

“Today has been... I feel like we are dreaming. Our 6-year-old (a client of Kirsten Clarkson!) booked a bigger role than we ever even dreamed. He is literally flying from Vancouver to Montreal to film! I come to you now with lived advice. 1. Those tapes that come to you from casting in other states / provinces? The ones you are like, "this will be a long shot, they will just choose a local actor." NOPE. Sometimes they do choose the kid from far away! Do the work! Send the tape! 2. Do. Indie. Film. My kid didn't require a callback because he had done a similar role... in a 4th year student film. They used that footage instead and just booked him! 3. Don't quit or be discouraged by having few auditions. He has had 3 since March. Total. Everyone around him was busy... he didn't need a ton of auditions, just the right one. 4. Finally.... listen to Kirsten when she says you've got it in you! She's not lying! Monika Dalman, Azi's mum”

Award-winning actor

Azi Dalman

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hannah's grown so much since working with you! Tanya Bos, Hannah's mum. ”

Award winning actor - Riverdale

Hannah Bos

“I want to thank you for being so wonderful and gracious to all of us! The Creators course was a joy to tune into every Saturday. I just got the sides for the audition I just booked and I knew exactly what to do! On top of everything else you’ve done since the beginning of quarantine, I cannot thank you enough. You are Wonder Woman.”


Quinn Hubscher

“"Her critique is nothing short of brilliant and it is ultimately the reason why her students have such high booking rates." ”


Matteo Stefan

“What you have in KC is a mentor who will help you get where you want to go. ”

Award-winning Producer, Director

Brent Hodge (working with KC's fave director, SPIKE LEE!!!!!)

“Thank you so much!! I absolutely love working with you (in The Creators). ”


Tate Ennis

““Don't know what I would do without my wonderful teacher, Kirsten!” ”


Rachelle Gillis

“Super big Thank You...KC. This (The Creators Class) has inspired myself to pursue more from KC's passion to my own. I had such a fun time filming my part. Many laughs were had that day.”


Shelly Williams

“Would like to thank you for taking the initiative and keeping the acting school going throughout the Covid period, it helped Anete to keep up and eventhough the timezone was not in our favour and we watched everything recorded, it was a great help! Anete has been back on set now first time in 2020, which seems crazy and she did a commercial for a German network that was shot in Latvia. So thank you again! ”


Janis and Anete Balkena

“Emma booked it! Thank you! Shanna Oliver, Emma's mum”

Award-winning Actors: Snowpiercer

Emma Oliver

“ I just wanted to pass this along to you as you are so good about complimenting your actors and I’m not sure we are so good about THANKING YOU!!! Glen's parents, Marnie and Don!”

Award-winning actor - The Good Doctor

Glen Gordon

“Hello KC, It’s Julia and I wanted to thank you for your online classes that I got to take during quarantine, today I did an interview and got into an acting school here in Poland and I’m gonna be signing with one of the biggest agencies here!!! Thanks, again I really appreciate it. Stay safe and healthy!”

New Actor

Julia Latallo

“ Thank you sooo much for today's coaching! You help Gracie get to the emotional space so well!! I just really want to say I appreciate all you do for us, Kirsten! The support for the girls is AMAZING.”

Tanya Braun

Grace & Isla Sunar

“This is what I look like after booking my 3rd film role this month I’m in Victoria for the fitting day of the Christmas Hallmark and I did the callback in MY CAR in a parking lot!!!! And they booked me on the spot for an independent feature!!!!”

Actor pro

Yvette Dudley-Neuman

“I wanted to share that I booked a commercial for the Sunshine Coast Women’s Treatment Centre and I’m super stoked for a couple of reasons. When we first started working together you asked me something along the lines of how I wanted my work to affect change. I answered by saying I wanted to help women make a change in their lives. Have more confidence etc. Lately I have been thinking about this a lot. I’m trying to break my goals down and be more specific and bam I book this local commercial, through a personal reference, and I couldn’t be happier. I am playing the patient seeking help. ”