$129.97 CAD


Gold Circle Master Acting Workshop Auditor Session

We've had so many of our Wonderful Actors message us disappointed that they'd missed out on our workshop, and we just couldn't let our actors down!

We thought you'd like to see some of the work you'll be able to do when you audit.

Sonia, the actor in the video, is auditing. She's done this work before with us and the emotion that comes is intense. 

So... we found a way to include you all!

Whether near or far - Wherever you are in the world we have saved a space just for you.

Register now to be a part of this incredible workshop along with your fellow screeners.

This special Sorkshop Auditors Session gives you access to:

✅ More than 12 hours of live coaching from KC & Donna-Marie.

✅ PDF workbooks that you can use to follow along with the lessons.

✅ Replay videos of the workshop are yours to keep forever.

✅ Invite to our special Screens private dinner and meet and greet with KC & Donna-Marie as well as other industry pros.

✅ Access to our private Facebook Group.