About this course...

I STOLE this idea for a 30-day acting challenge...My husband does yoga online and his studio sent him a Posture Challenge.  Great idea. 30 posture lessons. A lesson a day for 30 days.

When he told me about it I thought that's a great idea for actors too! 

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We all start at the beginning but the thing that gets us to the really great work as an actor is the breathtaking confidence that comes with repeated work.

Madeleine Arthur was a gymnast before she retired (at 14) to become an actor. The skills she used as an athlete translated well to acting. 

Breaking down the discipline to its elemental aspects and practicing them creates that feeling of flow that comes with competence. 

Competence then leads to confidence. You're not afraid in the room because, as my client, Quinn Hubscher said, "I just knew what to do." Quinn worked on his craft EVERY DAY for months! 

With THE ACTORS CHALLENGE, you'll get a lesson a day for 30 days to take you from where you are now to where you'd like to be!

What will you learn? Incremental steps that I only teach my successful clients like Gracie and Isla who never stop working and you've probably seen them on Snowpiercer and Charmed and a billion commercials (well... I may exaggerate a bit), and more! 

You'll get easy-to-follow, repeatable steps that you can do every day to move you toward your goal. 

Repetition builds competence. Competence builds confidence. Confident actors book!

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • THE KID ACTOR'S CHALLENGE! A lesson per day for 30 days for $30.00!

    • A message from KC about The 30 Day Actor's Challenge

    • Welcome to The 30 Day Kid Actor's Challenge! And some directions!

    • DAY 1 Stand in the place where you are.

    • DAY 2 Making my entrance

    • DAY 3 Making my entrance and changing

    • DAY 4 Making my entrance and leaving

    • DAY 5 Who are you? Who? Who?

    • DAY 6 Playing my part

    • DAY 7 Dialog & operative words

    • DAY 8: Emotions

    • DAY 9 Stillness & Emotion

    • DAY 10 ANGRY!

    • DAY 11 Changing Emotions

    • DAY 12 Emotional Change & Operative Words

    • DAY 13 Getting What You Want Without Words - Just Intention

    • DAY 14! Intention, Emotion, Action, Reaction

    • DAY 15 Back To The Future


    • DAY 16 A

    • DAY 17 THE FUNY STUFF - This lesson may take some time and parents should help.


    • DAY 19 Anger & It's Roots

    • DAY 20 Love & It's Roots

    • DAY 21 Curiosity

    • DAY 22 Oh… It's You Again

    • DAY 23 Who Are You?

    • DAY 24 Who Are You This Time? Why So Insecure?

    • DAY 25 Who Are You This Time... Funny Thing About You.

    • DAY 26 You Choose!

    • DAY 27 Pick From Options!

    • DAY 28! The Choice Is Quite Emotional

    • DAY 29! Reacting Distinctly.... In A Subtle Way.

    • Day 30 Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow.