THE CREATIVITY SESSIONS will build your confidence, creativity, courage, and strength. 

Creativity opens us to ideas we can never come up with by making lists or by engaging in consensus building! 

  • Creativity brings the magic.
  • I believe in magic.
  • I've made it for myself.

We'll be doing emotional connection work that will help you become truthful, bold, and successful. You'll gain the mindset and way of being you need to live on your own terms.

Imagine what you'll be like after a year of this The Creativity Sessions!


Once you sign up you'll get a password that will be effective January 16th. You just ask to join the group and add the password and we'll let you in!

The Creativity Sessions is a Facebook group where you’ll find:

● Daily video lessons
● Weekly 30 minute classes
● Monthly Workshops
● Access to Amazing Special Guests!

All while connecting with other amazing like-minded individuals, on the same journey as you!

The Creativity Sessions will help you knock out any obstacle that stands in your way and you will become the actor you dream of being!

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